About our Artisanal Farmstead Cheeses

Sunset Acres Soft, Creamy, Spreadable ChevresBecause we use only the fresh milk from our own herd of goats, our cheese is truly "farmstead." It is made daily so it can be in your hands (or preferable on your plate) within days, except, of course, for the bloomy rind cheeses which must ripen.

We make a large variety of different goat cheeses, but all of it is made using the old-fashioned European method of hand-ladling curd into cheesecloth bags or into individual forms. While far more time-consuming and labor-intensive than more modern methods, we feel that treating the fragile goat curd this way produces a finer textured and flavored cheese. We think that since our "girls" work hard to produce such wonderful milk, we had better do our utmost to process it into the finest of cheese. To this end, we use only the highest quality ingredients, including European cultures and vegetable rennet, and for the herbed cheeses: fresh, hand-crushed garlic, freshly ground peppercorns and our own fresh, organically grown herbs or high-quality dried herbs.