Bloomy Rind Cheeses

River Rock - award winning cheese River Rock

Sea Smoke bloomy rind cheese
Sea Smoke

Stonington Granite bloomy rind cheese
Stonington Granite

Most of our aged cheeses are "mold-ripened" or "bloomy-rind" (in the Brie family). These cheeses have a rich, mushroomy flavor and are entirely edible, including the rind. Depending on the size, shape and age of the cheese, they range from rich, nutty and runny to firm and lightly sharp.

Sea Smoke: A 9 oz dense and creamy cheese with three layers of ash. A beautiful cheese for those looking for something very special with a clean, woodsy, mushroomy and very different flavor. Called "The Holy Grail of Cheese" by Robert K. Elder in the Chicago Tribune.

Stonington Granite: A 5 oz pyramid dusted with vegetable ash. The ripe cheese appears white, but when cut shows a thin black line of ash. A mellow mushroomy flavor.

Camembert: Four inches in diameter, this luscious cheese will range from a woodsy mushroomy flavor to tangy and piquant as it ripens and can become quite runny when cut, depending on its age (8oz).

Fleur de Bossi: Similar to Camembert, but the outside is dusted with Herbes de Provence allowing the mold to grow up through it as it ages and imparting a subtle herbal flavor to the interior (10 oz).

Bagaduce Brie: This elegant and unctuous cheese ripens to a wonderful runny consistency, developing a rich, nutty, earthy flavor. Eight inch wheel, approximately 1 lb.

River Rock with Ash: Award-winning cheese that is like a minature 4 oz Camembert. The dusting of vegetable ash gives it a lovely mellow flavor.

River Rock with Fennel Pollen: This 4.5 oz disk has a line of fennel pollen in the middle, imbuing the cheese with a subtle haunting fennel flavor.

Penobscot Fog: An 8 oz Pyramid dusted on the outside with ash and with a single line of ash running through the center. Firm, creamy and mellow.