Soft, Creamy, Spreadable Chevres

Sunset Acres Soft, Creamy, Spreadable Chevres

All of our fresh cheeses can be successfully frozen.

Classic Plain Chevre: The subtle creamy goodness of chevre, plain and simple, the best way to taste the actual cheese.

Garlic and Herb: Smooth creamy chevre with a zesty blend of Italian herbs and fresh hand-crushed garlic. Perfect over pasta.

Parisienne: A delicious mellow cheese that has a mild aromatic blend of flavors based on tarragon and chives, no garlic. Perfect with breakfast toast or with chicken or fish.

Pesto No Nuts: Made with fresh organic basil, olive oil, lemon and garlic - no nuts. Great in sandwiches or on vegetables or pasta.

Chipotle/Lime: Smooth colorful chevre flavored with ground smoky, mildly-hot jalapenos and essence of lime; wonderfully subtle taste. Excellent with tortilla chips, in enchilladas or on steak.

Sunset Acres Soft, Creamy, Spreadable ChevresGarlic and Dill: Amazing taste combination, this smooth creamy chevre is kicked up with fragrant dill and hand-crushed garlic.

Rosemary: Made with our own hand-chopped fresh organic rosemary, this flavorful subtle chevre is a favorite.

Tomato and Basil: Imbued with sundried tomato and basil, this creamy cheese is great with crackers or on pasta.

Horseradish: Chevre with a tasty kick. Try with roast beef.

Lemon-Thyme: The subtle flavor of thyme infused into lemony chevre. Try with chicken dishes.

Chive and Garlic: This tasty, robust chevre is great on crackers or mixed in with spinach.

Garlic and Black Pepper: The tantalizing flavor of freshly ground Tellicherry pepper.

Cranberry/Orange/Honey: An American Cheese Society award-winner, this mildly sweet cheese is set off by tangy dried cranberries and perfumed with orange essence. A favorite on bagels, French toast or pancakes.

Maple Syrup (Seasonal): Smooth and creamy, this chevre is mixed with Maine Dark Amber maple syrup. A special spring treat.


Chipotle Lime chevre - American Cheese Society award winner Orange Crandberry Honey chevre - American Cheese Society award winner